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Toddler 2

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Toddler 1


Are we meeting expectations?
Highly rated fantastic nursery, the children are taught in such as way that they develop quickly in all areas and enjoy coming; Friendly, supportive and nurturing, the nursery works with parents on how best to meet the needs of the child and how to provide a framework of learning together; Organised, varied activities for children; My concerns are listened to and taken on board to ensure my children get the care that they need best for them;  Delighted, thank you for making our work life easier knowing my child is happy at Northfield; You are meeting our expectations, we know our child is happy in nursery and is learning and enjoying new experiences.

Summing up Northfield.
Responses:- Friendly; Caring; Homely; Professional; Holistic; Knowledgeable staff; Fun; Cooperative; Varied; Fantastic; Happy; Organised; Welcoming;  Amazing; Supportive, Adaptable, Approachable, Inclusive, Nurturing, Stimulating; Highly rated fantastic nursery.​

Are you happy with information shared regarding the progress your child is making and their achievements verbally, written, interviews etc.
Response:-Yes, I love getting an update about what my child has been doing that day; Absolutely, they have clearly taken time to get to know my child and very quickly understood her needs, all staff are fantastic, daily handovers verbally and non verbal updates written in communication books which are lovely to read at the end of the day; I really enjoy picking up and hearing about my child’s day, I especially like reading through the communication book and sharing observation development sheet are helpful and nice to read; Yes the staff provide a comprehensive update each day and the comms books are always completed, we will attend our first parent interview next week; Overall yes, I feel it is more important for the staff to be fully available to the children although it is very nice to hear what they have been up to, I know my children are getting the attention they need; Very happy, great level of communication on a daily, monthly and annually basis.

What changes would we make to improve the service?
Response: - I think you provide a fantastic service, we have already recommended to others. Thank you for the care you all show and the enthusiasm you all put into looking after the children, keep doing what you are doing; None it’s great, I know my child is being well looked after so I can settle at work without worrying; Keep doing what you are doing, great staff, brilliant facilities and fantastic outcomes in all levels of development for the children.